Platform for Success
Our on-boarding process

Leveraging years of experience to execute a strategy that works

The SpaceBook platform is more than just technology. We’ve developed a methodology that lets you leverage our years of experience, learnings and collective expertise to execute a comprehensive, flexible space digital strategy.

Platform for Success is a process that has been created to guide you through the three components of our methodology:
1. Discover
2. Technology
3. Success

1. Discovery Phase

This initial phase is about defining your goals and identifying the customer needs you are aiming to satisfy.

There are three main elements:

1. Scoping and Strategy:
a) Defines the strategic benefits of creating an insights-led flexible space strategy; and
b) Connects your industry insights with SpaceBook’s in-depth knowledge of the space market to ensure that adopting a flexible space strategy is the right direction for your business.

2. Commercial Workshop:  
Outlines the options available to you when it comes to monetising your spaces.

3. Technical Scoping:
Presents you with a proposed architectural design of your flexible space platform, relevant to your industry and business needs. We outline the integration approach and the scope of this process, as well as the migration plan and schedule. You will be supplied with technical documents and wireframes.

2. Technical Phase

SpaceBook is a global technology-led platform that enables you to create any type of flexible space rental marketplace.

SpaceBook’s core technology
Our core technology comprises of the administration dashboard for your environment – allowing you to manage space seekers, booking enquiries, front-end website, moving in/out logistics, quotes, invoices and more.

We’ve worked with many enterprises and know how critical it is to have an integrated end-to-end platform that removes siloed technologies. SpaceBook has the ability to integrate with other CRM systems like SalesForce, resulting in streamlined systems and reduced manual labour.

3. Success Phase

The final stage of our Platform for Success methodology is YOUR SUCCESS. This covers the implementation and managed service of your technology – ensuring your platform can be optimised to its full potential and drive true commercial value.

Managed services
If your business lacks the time, resources or know-how to operate the flexible space on a day-to-day basis, there are a number of managed services available to you to ensure the successful running of your flexible space model.

These services can include:
Managing day-to-day booking enquiries including customer service and supportOngoing creation of content, SEO and media management to ensure your spaces are top of mind for customers either locally or globally.