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How SpaceBook Marketplace works

SpaceBook is an online platform and marketplace for people to list, discover, and book short-term spaces for unique brand activities either in retail or office.

SpaceBook is looking to use a network of local Space Hunters and affiliates to access unique spaces and curates its offering to ensure only the best venues are listed via the marketplace.

For Listing Owners
“I want to list a space”

“In-between leases,
I am providing my client an income”
List my space
“We are looking to bring complementary brands into our space”
List my space
“I manage a precinct of long and short-term and we are looking to host a variety of brands
for incubation”
List my space

Listing Owners or Agents and Advertisers sign up with initial information about the space, its location, and their contact info. After approval by the SpaceBook team, they add more information about the space, upload pictures, and select the types of activities they welcome in their space. When a Space Seeker contacts a Listing Owner, they will reply with further information about availability and rates.

Listing Owners have complete control and armed with the online tools to approve bookings or decline if the booking request is not suitable for their space. Listing Owners are able to send Quotes/Invoices once they are 100% satisfied with the other party’s booking request.

The Listing Owner is responsible for making sure the space is use-ready before every booking. The SpaceBook Marketpalce handles all escrow payments to guarantee a safe and secure payment. Listing Owners can upload your own Licence Agreements and indicate if you would like for the Space Seeker to have their own Public Liability Insurances if required.

SpaceBook will also facilitate reviews following the end of a booking to make sure wonderful spaces and hosts get proper notice.

At the request of SpaceBook Marketplace users, SpaceBook will implement two ways of listing:

Option 1: (current)
List for Free with a 10% processing fee when you have a successful booking.
Option 2: (From October 22, 2018)
(NEW AND BETA - at member’s request) $250 per listing per month with 0% processing fee when you have a successful booking.

All successful bookings and transactions will still need to be completed via the SpaceBook Marketplace.